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Company Profile

Universal Diamond began with a group of technical engineers - who ever been employed in China’s well-known internet Content Provider Companies - they gathered with the same dream to make the highest quality and stable online entertainment platform. Our technical engineers always try to innovate and develop our technology and software, which lead us to be the main cultural enterprise of Asia and the best Hi-Tech enterprise, also the main software enterprise in Asia. We had 41 software copyright until now and will never stop to make innovation of our technology and software.
我司于2001年11月5日正式上线,专业经营各项博彩业务,总投资逾2.8亿,拥有菲律宾政府博彩委员会Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR)发放的博彩牌照。现已拥有研发人才22人、运营服务人才58人、国家级技术开发工程师96人、风控专员107人、商务部专员486人。
Universal Diamond is a professional online lottery site with over 280 Million investment, starts its operation since 5 November 2001. As a legal online lottery site, we hold an operating license from Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). We have 22 elites of Research and development (R&D), 58 elites of Operational Services, 96 Technical Development Engineer, 107 Risk Control Specialist, and 486 Commercial Specialist,which made Universal Diamond able to provide a stable and financial secured online gambling site for our users.

Universal Diamond legally has technical cooperation with AG,IBCbet, Pinnacle, and other worldwide-known legal gambling sites in 2019, bringing our users’ more varied online gambling games. Universal Diamond now becomes the leader of online entertainment sites in Asia, with the highest level of professionalism. Our goal is to bring a multifarious and stable online gambling site in Asia. We promise to provide excellent customer service for every single customer of Universal Diamond, and will always guarantee your financial security. We received much support and affirmation for our financial integrity and our customer-first service, which brings us over 6 million users at this point.

Responsible Lottery Principles

1.Universal Diamond Members will support the research of responsible lottery, particularly the research and analysis about responsible game development, identify and prevention of irrational players.

2.Actively respond to the concerns of stakeholders, publicize information such as games and lottery, accept public and media supervision.

3.Try our best to promote Universal Diamond’s welfare program,impartiality and fairness, and also increase our image by using every kind of channels, methods, content

4.Restrict and educate agents, improve service levels, and promote responsible lottery services.

Holding a legal gambling licence

Pagcor operation have always remained at the forefront in Asia and also provided better prospects for licensees, while providing a stable bridge for the gambling business in the Asia-Pacific region to integrate with the world's gaming market.
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